2024 Sustainability/CSR Project, business and finance homework help

Sustainability/CSR Project, business and finance homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Overview: This project entails reviewing a Fortune 500 company’s best practices in sustainability, community engagement and diversity. Each student will receive a unique company to analyze and report on. MY COMPANY IS AMAZON.COM,INC.!!!!!!

Deliverable:Based on criteria below you will compile your information into a 2-page report, (not more, not less).Please remember to upload a .doc/.docx file ONLY.

Content Criteria: This project is designed to enhance your knowledge of what is meant by sustainability & corporate social responsibility as currently practiced by large corporations. Your mission is to look for a company sustainability or corporate social responsibility report that you can download that shares the organization’s best practices and results concerning Sustainability, Community Engagement and Diversity. If they do not have a downloadable report then you’ll look for the major sections listed below on the company website. The goal for this report is to discuss what your company has in place concerning these three subjects.

Introduction: In the report provide a brief overview of what the company does (products, sales volume, number of employees, geographic reach, etc.) and list their Fortune 500 rank.

Report on Best Practices for THESE SECTIONS:

  • Sustainability (environmental practices)
    • Does your company produce a comprehensive sustainability report?
    • What steps does the company take to improve its impact on the environment?
    • What are key metrics they focus on as part of their sustainability initiatives?
    • Has the company been recognized by anyone (awards, citations, certifications) for their sustainability efforts?
  • Community Engagement (employee volunteering, giving of money, goods, services)
    o What does your company do about giving back to the community (money or goods for example)?
    o Does your company do any employee volunteer programs? Explain.
    o Describe major initiatives tied to community for your company?
    o Has the company been recognized by anyone (awards, citations, certifications) for their community engagement efforts?
  • Diversity/Inclusion (recruiting, hiring and developing talent)
  • o What does Diversity & Inclusion mean to the company you’re assigned to?
    o What does the company have to say about their best practices in Diversity & Inclusion?
    o How does Diversity & Inclusion impact recruitment, hiring, development & retention?
    o Has the company been recognized by anyone (awards, citations, certifications) for their diversity/inclusion efforts?
  • Conclusion/Summary: Discuss what you learned about this organization’s best practices in our three key topics. What do you think they do well? What could they improve on?

    Research Source: Remember our language check at the beginning of class. You’ll find that companies use some or all of the terms below for their Sustainability/CSR Report (sometimes found in separate reports or website information). Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship
  • Mechanics (worth 10 points):
    • Title – “Sustainability/CSR Project – BA 342 FA16”
    • Your Name at top of page
    • 2 FULL pages, (NOT MORE, NOT LESS)
    • Type-written, Single-spaced (0 pt. between lines)
    • Bold headings delineating each section (Introduction, 3 sections listed above, Conclusion)
    • Margins no smaller than .5”, no larger than 1” all sides (Do not use default margins)
    • Times Roman or Calibri font
    • Font size of 11-12 point
    • Cite your company URL source(s) under EACH section
    • Grammar and spell check document

    DO NOT copy/paste from company sites. Plagiarism of any kind will result in a 0.