2024 Substance Abuse Is It a Disease, law homework help

Substance Abuse Is It a Disease, law homework help

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Chapter 16 of the following text.  In this chapter, you will read about the tripartite conceptual model proposed by Paul Goldstein (1985). Goldstein identifies three main types of drug-related crime: (1) psychopharmacologically driven crime, (2) systemic crime, and (3) economically compulsive crime.
Bartol, C. R., & Bartol, A. M. (2017). 
Criminal behavior: A psychological approach.


  • Provide two specific examples of the behaviors of criminals that may be associated with an offender’s substance abuse.
  • Identify each example as one of the tripartite conceptual model types of drug-related crimes.
  • Explain whether the criminals in your examples should be sent to a regular court and be jailed or sent to drug court and receive treatment.
Use 1 or 2 additional scholarly sources as references in APA Format.  1 page of material is required with in-text citations.