2024 Shepherding, law homework help

Shepherding, law homework help

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Summarize the steps of shepardizing a case in print form that you would argue are the most essential. From the e-Activity, discuss whether shepardizing is easier as a result of technology. Next, identify at least two (2) benefits for a paralegal to be able to shepardize in print form as well as online. Provide a rationale for your response.

Decide whether it would be proper to cite an original treaty or the law ratifying such a treaty within a legal brief. Explain your rationale.


Zwicker v. Boll, 391 U.S. 353 (1968) is the case I am Shepardizing. I will need to locate the volumes of Shepard’s United States Citations for the reason that this is a United States Supreme Court case. I will open the first volume in the set and scan the upper corners of each page looking for a reference to Vol. 391, the volume in which Zwicker is reported. This process is similar to looking at the guide words in the upper corners of each page in a dictionary to determine which page will contain the word I need. When I have located the page or pages for Vol. 391, I will scan this page looking for the black boldfaced typed reference –353–, because this is the page on which Zwicker begins. There are three possibilities:

1. No Reference

2. References in Parentheses

3. References Not in Parentheses

Shepardizing is easier as a result of technology. Electronic updating provides more up-to-date validation of legal authorities and is easily accomplished. Unlike the print form of Shepardizing, there is no need to learn quirky abbreviations. Negative history, such as reversal of a case, appears in plain English. Electronic updating eliminates the worry that you do not have all of the print volumes in a set of Shepard’s. Updating and checking your adversary’s citations are easily accomplished. Finally, references are available online far more quickly than the print versions of Shepard’s are published, thus giving you the most recent treatment of your authorities.