2024 pundit, communications homework help

pundit, communications homework help

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Click on the following link and read the “Pundit” article. Chapter 5 Pundits.docx or Pundit.pdf

Answer the following question(s)

Despite what viewers say they want, how well does the pundit debate style serve our democracy? What would Thomas Jefferson—who said, “Information is the currency of democracy”—think of Bill O’Reilly? How would John F. Kennedy—who said, “The ignorance of the voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”—grade Keith Olbermann? And what must Jesse Jackson—who said, “A full and fair discussion is essential to democracy”—make of the talk-show round tables he participates in, where guests interrupt, fail to listen, and insult other guests? Fair and balanced? You decide.

Discussion Expectations:

  • Divide your answers into their parts. Use bold headlines to separate the unique parts of each answer and complete the answer under the headline.
  • Include references to your text. These references must include APA citations.
  • Include personal observations, experiences, thoughts, examples and/or opinions related to the cited information.