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In the previous module you chose a company whose product or service you personally use. For this module, continue your research on this company and find out as much as you can about their distribution strategy. In your paper, make sure to cite your sources of information on your chosen concept and also to cite some of the required textbook readings from the background materials.

When you have finished your research, write a two- to three-page paper addressing the following questions:

  1. Does this company use an indirect or direct distribution approach? Or both? Do you personally buy the product directly from the company, or from a retailer? Find out as much as you can about what kind of intermediaries this company uses.
  2. Does this company use an exclusive, intensive, or selective distribution strategy? Base your answer both on what you find in various articles or company reports that you find, and your own experiences in buying their products.
  3. What kind of logistical strategies does this company use for their distribution? For example, do they use third party logistics such as UPS or do they have their own distribution fleet? Find out as much as you can.