2024 Marketing Article Research Paper, writing homework help

Marketing Article Research Paper, writing homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Students will be required to summarize a marketing article, which must be related to the materials in one of the chapters of the text. Each summary should be 2 to 3 typed double-spaced pages, with cover page (APA format).  A copy of the article from a current (no more than one year old) business periodical, journal or the Internet should be stapled to the summary.  Each student will be required to give a brief report on the article no longer than 5 minutes. Articles are due and will be presented as assigned.  A copy of the article, article summary and a cover page will be provided to Ms. Montoya BEFORE your presentation. Mandatory Attendance.

Please use  some Marketing Terms: technological advances, Generational cohorts, Advertising, social media in advertising; etc. Please attach a mini PowerPoint to present along with article presentation. The articles attached mainly focus on  the advancements in technology and social media.