2024 managing Entreprise, management homework help

managing Entreprise, management homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

You are working for a large national supermarket chain, MacLeod’s Market, with nearly 200 stores countrywide and a history stretching back decades. MacLeod’s has multiple global supplier relationships. The chain offers a customer loyalty club and the ability to create shopping lists accessible through both a Web site and a mobile app. A recent market research study indicated customers would like to have online ordering and home delivery and more sustainable products. Your biggest competitor, Kurgan’s, recently made the news for selling bell peppers contaminated with salmonella – no one died, but several customers were hospitalized with serious complications. Kurgan’s was taken completely by surprise by the entire incident and found out only when a news crew showed up at the flagship store; the contamination was traced back to several suppliers, and was undoubtedly a result of significant flooding in those areas. MacLeod’s as a whole has a lot of data but it’s not organized nor being used to make decisions on a consistent and reliable basis. It wants the ability to provide details drilled down to store, department, and even individual product level, so that each manager or supplier could see just the information relevant to him or her. It needs to know more about its customers, including making them happy and keeping them safe from things like food poisoning. You are on the team in charge of making business intelligence happen. Who are the stakeholders? What questions do you need to ask? What facts do you need to know? How will you go about finding out the information you need? What role do business continuity and disaster recovery have in this scenario?

At least 300 words.