2024 Literacy: More Than the Ability to Read Books, communications homework help

Literacy: More Than the Ability to Read Books, communications homework help

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Worksheet 3.4  Literacy: More Than the Ability to Read Books

Your text explains that the Harry Potter books have been bestsellers, but the books also have been the target of groups wanting to censor them from school libraries. You may have never read any of these books, but consider the possible reasons that parents might not want their children to read certain books without their knowledge.

1. Is it ever okay for groups like parents, apart from governmental decisions, to choose not to allow certain books in their schools? Why or why not?

2. Public schools would be targets of censorship for playing the racist lyrics of Eminem or religious music of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the cafeteria. Should books be any different? Explain.

3. Is it appropriate to allow (or even insist) that movies, TV, video games, and recordings have warning labels or ratings while we call the same labeling of books censorship? Explain. If you think this is inappropriate, should we have ratings for all media or no ratings for any media? Why?

4. Did you read any books as a child that you now think might not really be good for children? Which one(s) and why?

5. Is it better to have children reading books that are controversial just to get them to read or would it be better if the children were not reading at all? Why?

6. Finally, the chapter’s media literacy section suggests that reading books “all the way through” is a virtue to be taught. Is this an elite perspective—that partial reading will leave people imperfectly educated? How important is reading all the way through versus choosing how much and what portion of each book to read?

Name _____________________  Section _____________  Date __________________

Name _____________________  Section _____________  Date __________________

Worksheet 4.4  Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Newspapers

Think about the many areas of importance in the business operation of a newspaper. Newspapers need circulation and advertising revenues to make money. They spend money on paper and ink as well as on personnel who report the news, lay out the pages, run the presses, develop the photographs, and keep the payroll. After looking at an online version of a newspaper, think about how online news might change the financial elements of publishing.

1. A newspaper has everything from full-page ads to classifieds only three lines long. What kind of flexibility do you see in the kinds of advertising a newspaper can sell to support an online version? How might this affect the income potential of the medium?

2. It is easy for a newspaper company to know its circulation, the number of copies that were sold or distributed on a given day. On the other hand, newspapers may never be taken out of the rubber band or read, reducing the number of consumers who see the advertisements. How does online publishing affect the newspaper’s ability to obtain circulation information?

3. Explain how online publishing affects the money newspapers make through subscriptions and vending sales.

4. What expenses should be greater and which should be less in terms of publishing the electronic version when compared to the paper version?

5. If a newspaper was published exclusively online and the print version was discontinued, which personnel might lose their jobs? What new jobs would need to be filled?

Name _____________________  Section _____________  Date __________________

Worksheet 5.2  Online Magazines

Go online and find an electronic magazine. Then answer the following questions:

The title of the online magazine is _____________________________________

1. Who publishes the magazine?  

2. How often is it published?  

3. Is there a cost to access it?  

4. Is it a partner or version of a hard-copy magazine? If so, how do the Web and print versions differ, if at all? How are they similar?

5. How would you describe the readers (audience/demographic) for this online publication? Do the online and print readers differ? How?

6. What kinds of products are advertised in this magazine?

7. Do the ads seem to “target” the desired demographic (see question 4)? How?

8. In general, how are online magazines different from print magazines? How are they the same? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of “publishing” online versus publishing in print?

Worksheet 13.3  Journaling the Explanatory Power of Theory

After reading Chapter 13, you should now have a better understanding of various theories of communication. As the text explains, we currently believe that the media do affect us, but not in the all-powerful ways once taught by the magic bullet theories. Instead we believe the media impact us powerfully in limited areas of life, such as that explained by agenda setting theory.

First, what are the three most important problems facing America today?




Now that you’ve listed the most important problems, think about how you came to believe that those are the most important problems. Are they from personal experience, do the media talk about those problems, or is it a combination of the two? Write an essay explaining your answer to these two questions. Talk about how much knowledge you could even have about each issue without the media, and therefore the amount of “dependency” you place on the media for that specific topic.