2024 Juvenile System Versus Adult System, law homework help

Juvenile System Versus Adult System, law homework help

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Create one fictional case of armed robbery where the suspect is a juvenile and one where the suspect is an adult. The background of the case is irrelevant for this discussion and you do not need to describe the circumstances of the crime. In both cases, the suspect will be arrested and go through the justice process to the point of being sentenced for the adult or given a disposition for the juvenile.

  • Contrast two fictional cases, one juvenile and one adult, at each part of the process as the suspect goes through the justice system.
  • Demonstrate which process, juvenile or adult, would be the most preferred from the perspective of the defendant.

Use 1 or 2 scholarly sources for references in APA Format, if needed.  1 page of material is required.  If scholarly sources are needed be sure to include in-text citations.