2024 Human Rights Standards in Corrections, law assignment help

Human Rights Standards in Corrections, law assignment help

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Assume you are working as a part-time corrections officer at the county jail, while working your way through college. Actually, you hate the job, partly because of the inmates, but partly because of the other officers. Many of them enjoy and abuse their power. You try to stay out of the way of the most vocal ones, but one day you hear one of them castigate an African-American inmate for not sweeping properly. He utters a number of racial epithets and pushes the inmate around. You can see that the inmate is tense and ready to fight.


Consider the scenario above and address the following in your main post:

  • Articulate the rationale for the steps you would or would not take in approaching this ethical issue, based on applicable ethical systems.
  • Explain your own ethical system, based on human rights standards and their ethical implications.
  • Assess whether your personal biases may affect your ethical approach to this dilemma.

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