2024 HRMN 495 Week 6 DQ Sabrina Hansen, assignment help

HRMN 495 Week 6 DQ Sabrina Hansen, assignment help

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Compare and contrast the two concepts of employee satisfaction and engagement. They are two distinct concepts, and they are not the same thing, but many organizations treat them as they are. Which of the two do you think an organization should strive for (and why)? 

Satisfaction is usually measured through the use of surveys designed by HR to assess the opinions of employees on programs like incentives, work/life balance, direct and indirect compensation packages (White Paper, 2012). Employee engagement is what it means to the individual and the organization they work for (BlessingWhite, 2012). Engagement takes into account the employees commitment to the company (White Paper, 2012). Satisfaction is meant to measure the happiness of the current job and condition (White Paper, 2012).

The chances are high that if an employee is engaged the staff member is also satisfied within the organization, however, there is a possibility that the employee might have little engagement and still be satisfied (White Paper, 2012). Employee engagement is linked to performance, customer satisfaction, productivity, turnover, and absenteeism and all effect the bottom line of the company (White Paper, 2012).

I think after the research I have read, employee engagement is probably what a company should strive for because it affects the bottom line and it relates back to performance, customer satisfaction, and turnover.

  1. Review at least five of your class mate’s second power point presentations and share which one you would select as a best pick in achieving the objectives of the assignment. Share your choice here and not in the topic area where the PPPs were presented.

I enjoyed two classmates’ presentations, Cyrus and Taylor Burt-Lynn. I felt Taylor summarized the SWOT analysis well and provided in-depth information that I needed to make an information decision about the rest of the presentation and how a person came to the recommendations. I enjoyed both Cyrus and Taylor’s recommendations, although one had to impute more information for the justification as to why they chose the recommendations. I know it says the best pick, but I could not choose between the two and I looked at, at least ten students.

  1. Take the self-assessment at the end of module/commentary six and share which one question/answer highlighted a point that was most compelling to you. Provide your rationale for your answer. 

The two questions regarding the recommended steps for a macro and micro level plan I felt highlighted a point that was most compelling. The macro-level plan focuses on the big picture, and the Micro will focus on specifics in the investment phase of the HR function. I did not realize there were multiple steps and processes a company could take on the investment that was broken down into micro and macro.

I have to say I loved the information I read from Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction White Paper! Such useful information that put everything in a way that was easy to understand and grasp. I can use this knowledge gained and apply it to my current job to help increase productivity by finding ways in which we need to improve.


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