2024 How to Build Flat-Panel Displays, management homework help

How to Build Flat-Panel Displays, management homework help

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Be the Manager Chapter 14 “How to Build Flat-Panel Displays”

Book: Contemporary Management 6th Edition

By: Gareth R. Jones and Jennifer M. George

You are an operations Management Consultant who has been called in by the management team of a startup company that will produce flat screen displays for personal computer manufacturers like Dell and Compaq the flat screen display market is highly competitive; there is considerable pressure to reduce costs because prices fall rapidly due to competition. Also personal computer makers are demanding even higher quality and better features to please customers and they demand delivery of your product to meet their production schedules. Managers want your advice on how to best meet these requirements. They are in the process of recruiting new workers in building a production facility.

Question 1

What kinds of techniques discussed in the chapter can help these managers to increase efficiency?

Question 2

In what ways can these managers go about developing a program to increase quality?

Question 3

What critical lessons can these managers learn from operations management?