2024 Finding Quality Data, business and finance homework help

Finding Quality Data, business and finance homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

You are an internal data management consultant. Your organization wishes to “know its customer” much better in order to improve customer satisfaction and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Leadership has asked for your advice on a road map for this purpose.

Develop a well-written and well-organized paper that addresses the following:

  • How you will find the appropriate sources of record for customers in the organization and gain access to them
  • How you will assess the quality of the data in candidate sources of record
  • How you will provide a proof of concept for a single view of a customer
  • Your recommendation and justification for a pilot project data architecture, which will provide insights into historical and up-to-the-minute activities for any given customer

You may write in the first person for this assignment, taking the perspective of the internal data management consultant.**

*** 3-4 pages in APA with two references in text with a reference page ***