2024 Final exam

Final exam

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Read the following carefully and be thoughtful in your answers. Submit your responses to me in a SEPARATE EMAIL (do not reply to this message) with “FINAL EXAM” in the subject. Please also either type your answers directly into that email or attach them as a separate Word document. Please, NO GOOGLE DOC LINKS. The exam is due tomorrow, Thursday 1/19/17 before 1 P.M.

1. Watch Generation Like and explain in detail how YOU SEE it relating to Killswitch.

2. Watch Dr. Sut Jhally and his discussion of the Cosby/Obama Effect and explain how YOU SEE it relating to your own experience with media. In other words, what is he saying and how does it (or perhaps not) say something similar (or not) to what you often experience in media you watch, listen to or read? What do you think about what he is saying?

3. Listen to this interview with Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble and tell me what you think about what she is saying. Do you agree? Not?

4. How would you describe PsyWar’s argument or message? What details or examples from that film would you use to support that description?

5. What do you think of what we covered this semester? Use examples not used so far in this exam to explain with detail what you think about what you learned.