2024 eBay question, business and finance homework help

eBay question, business and finance homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

eBay is the world’s largest e-commerce site. It hosts millions of sellers, both individual and corporate, selling millions of products daily of all types and descriptions. eBay’s business model is unique and eBay dominates its category. However, after a decade of unceasing growth, eBay is plateauing as it is difficult to attract new sellers and buyers.

  1. What lessons does the eBay experience have for the management of other e-businesses?
  2. What are the implications of moving to fixed price retailing for eBay? Is fixed-price retailing compatible with eBay’s traditional auctioning approach?
  3. How can Meg Whitman and her team structure the strategic initiatives of eBay so as to balance the interests of the small and individual participants with those of the big business participants?
  4. What should be the main elements of eBay’s business strategy for the next year?