2024 Dynamic Pricing as a rising trend, marketing homework help

Dynamic Pricing as a rising trend, marketing homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Please read two articles that provided to you below on attached files then answer these questions

Answer the following questions with as much details as possible.

·Dynamic Pricing is a rising trend within retailers. Other than the retailers mentioned in the article, find about other retailers that are experimenting with Dynamic Pricing? Elaborate on their dynamic pricing strategies.

·Would you consider DP as price discrimination? Why or why not?

·How would you differentiate Dynamic Pricing with Personalized Pricing?

·Explore Jet.com’s Personalized Pricing strategy and comment on its effectiveness. How are they able to offer this strategy?

·How can an omni-channel retailer take advantage of a Dynamic Pricing strategy and still maintain price consistency across its channels?

·Do you think Dynamic Pricing is here to stay or Personalized Pricing? Which strategy provides more value to customers?

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