2024 Dinosaur theme park task 3

Dinosaur theme park task 3

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Awesome! You’re still here! While the hired gun CISSPs are looking over your Task 2 outputs it’s time to take your feedback from Task 1 and press on with gathering requirements. In Task 3, after refining your business problem from Task 1 into a formal problem statement (using http://www.leadingagile.com/2013/07/do-you-know-where-you-are-headed/ for guidance) you will be modeling business processes for your Park Area, based on what you’ve learned in the Weeks 5 and 6 assignments, as well as modeling the future state business capabilities for your Park Area, again based on what you’ve learned in the Weeks 5 and 6 assignments. Finally, you will be revisiting the stakeholders you identified in Task 1 to create user stories for them.

In order to refine your Problem Statement, consider these four aspects:

  • The problem of (describe the problem)
  • Affects (who are affected by the problem)
  • The impact of which is (what is the impact of the problem)
  • A successful solution would (list some key benefits of a successful solution)

When completing Task 3 you will have to imagine what sorts of meetings you’ve had with the stakeholders in order to glean the business processes, capabilities, and user stories. 

You may use whatever tool you wish to create the business process and business capability model illustrations. There is a limited free tool called Creately (http://creately.com/plans) that let’s you create up to 5 diagrams. They provide BPMN templates: http://creately.com/blog/examples/bpmn-templates-model-processes/ You can take screen captures of the diagrams. You also have free access to Visio through the Academic Alliance/Dreamspark program: http://academic2.bellevue.edu/jrussell/msdnaa/DreamSpark.pdf The business capability model (refer to the Gartner articles for examples) are essentially a series of colorful boxes with labels and could be done with several different tools.

What you will be turning in for Task 3, to the Task 3 Discussion Board and the Task 3 Files link:

  1. A formal Problem Statement, refined from your Task 1 “What business problem are we trying to solve?”, using http://www.leadingagile.com/2013/07/do-you-know-where-you-are-headed/ as a guide.
  2. Business Process Model illustration for your Park Area, based on the needs established in Task 1, created with your tool of choice
  3. Business Capability Model illustration – Future State – remember to focus on *What* – created with your tool of choice (these are a bunch of boxes with labels, essentially)
  4. A collection of user stories for your stakeholders, as detailed in Task 1, in the format “As a [Type of User], [Function to Perform] so that [Business Value]”

***Make sure you specify on any documents you turn in what your Park Area is. ***

Below links give complete information about my park

Park Area 2 is responsible for the dinosaur viewing attractions including Cretaceous Cruise (http://www.jurassicworld.com/park-map/cretaceous-cruise/ – including the special White-water rafting experience), Gyrosphere (http://www.jurassicworld.com/park-map/gyrosphere/), Mosasaurus Feeding Show (http://www.jurassicworld.com/park-map/mosasaurus-feeding-show/), and Underwater Observatory.