2024 Define a managerial leader, Discussion question help

Define a managerial leader, Discussion question help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Addressing Theme 1 by:

1.  Define a managerial leader.

2.  Describe three important functions of a managerial leader.

3.  Define an executive leader.

4.  Describe three important functions of an executive leader.

5.  Compare and contrast the ideas of “team leadership” and “group management.”

Addressing Theme 2 by:

1.  Describing what it means to lead from where you are.

2.  Describing a situation where you lead from where you were.

3.  Analyzing two things you did right in the situation, and two things you could have done better.

Presenting your respective case:

1.  Describing three reasons why all people in all positions cannot and should not, be leaders.

2.   Must include at least five in-text citations and three references in your initial post.