2024 Customer relationship management, accounting homework help

Customer relationship management, accounting homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

You are excited about the possibility of taking advantage of customer segmentation and CRM strategies to help increase business. You want to use CRM technologies to improve service and personalization at each customer touch point. Using a data warehousing tool, important customer information can be accessed from all of your systems either daily, weekly, monthly, or once or twice per year. Analyze the sample data in the CRM_AYK.xls file (follow the link to see the cohesion case file) for the following: 1. Currently, the quality of the data within the above disparate systems is low. Identify problems with the current data and develop a report discussing the importance of high quality information and how low quality information can affect the cafe’s business. 2. Review the sample data in CRM_AYK.xls and answer the first 5 questions on the Broadway Solution sheet. Once completed, copy and paste the table in your answer file. 3. Determine who are the cafe’s best customers, and provide examples of the types of marketing campaigns the cafe should offer these valuable customers.About 300 words。