2024 Corporate Profile Project, business and finance homework help

Corporate Profile Project, business and finance homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Corporate Profile Project + 1 additional  paper presntation has to be written .

You will be assigned a total of four modules for this project. The collective goal of the modules and the project is to inform your reader about your chosen company within the context of the module elements.

You are required to use (and cite) to at least three (3) independent sources (not including the textbook or corporate web site) for each of the four modules of this project.

You will initially submit the papers for review in sequence as they are assigned. Your ultimate goal will be to link the segments together as a coherent four­part profile that you will then resubmit at the end of the semester.

I anticipate that the full length of your completed paper will be approximately fifteen (15) pages.

Module I:

  1. Introduction: What does the company do? How did it get started? How does it add value? Who are the customers for which it competes? What risks does the company face? What kind of business is it ­ does it primarily produce goods or services? In what industry does it operate? What is it known for? Include the company’s sales data, the location of their headquarters. Be sure that your opening paragraph engages the reader from the outset!

  2. History:Write one paragraph that provides pertinent historical information about the company.

  3. Mission, Vision, & Values:Define each of these terms. Provide your chosen company’s stated mission

    statement in their own words. If your company has a stated vision statement then provide it verbatim; otherwise use your own words to explain their vision based on your research.


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  1. Mission Statement Analysis:Does your company’s mission statement align with the textbook’s definition of a good mission statement? Why or why not? Is it just vague “puffery”? Is it just a bunch of buzzwords? Does it actually do a good job of explaining why the company exists?

  2. News & Current Events:Identify and briefly summarize two articles that cover current issues or news that are affecting your company.

  3. Stock Chart:Include a five year stock chart of your company.

Module II:

  1. Stakeholder Analysis:Identify the company’s stakeholders. Identify and describe the company’s Primary and Secondary Stakeholders. Identify the CEO and include a few sentences about him or her. Include a photo of the CEO. Explain how your corporation fulfills its obligations to its primary stakeholders (be sure that your explanation is specific to each of the the various groups of primary stakeholders).

  2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):Discuss the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. What approach does your company take to CSR ­ Minimalist, Cynical, Defensive, or Proactive?

Module III:

  1. Ethics: Define business ethics. Explain how your company approaches corporate ethics and what guidelines it has established to ensure that it complies with its ethical position. Does it adhere to what it says?

  2. Diversity:Define and discuss workforce diversity. Why is workplace diversity important? How does your company achieve or seek to achieve a diverse workforce? Does it have a diversity policy? What evidence did you find that your company carries out (or fails to carry out) its policy?

  3. Marketing: Discuss your company’s marketing concept and what it is important. Who (or what) is your company’s target market. Apply the “Four Ps” to your corporation. How is your company competing in the current economy?

  4. Globalization:

    1. Why is globalization important? Why do companies engage in international trade? Is your company

      “global”? If not, why do you think it has chosen to remain purely domestic? If it is, where are they located? What percentage of sales are international? What countries would your company consider to be likely future growth areas?

    2. If your company is already global, what cultural and governmental issues does it encounter in the global business environment?

    3. If your company does not currently engage in international business activity, what country (or countries) do you think would be good for your company’s expansion, and what strategic approach would you suggest they use (and why)?

    4. If your company does have international operations, do you think their current strategy is working? Would you change anything about your company’s strategy?

Module IV:

  1. SWOT: Perform a SWOT analysis on your company. Use two or three examples for each area of your SWOT analysis.

  2. Strategy: On what foundation of business strategy does your company compete?

  3. Future Development:How do you think your company is positioned for the future? Imagine what the future

    may look like in five years, and predict how your company will perform in that environment. Provide support and analysis for your answer. You may use any concepts presented in the class to address this point.


below, I have submitted an example for project profile for another company so do mine as it.