2024 Commodity Council, business and finance assignment help

Commodity Council, business and finance assignment help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

students will create a cross-functional commodity council in the format of a PowerPoint presentation.

Required Elements of the Commodity Council:

  • Select a category of tangible goods that a large organization might purchase in quantity (For example, tires for the automotive industry).
  • Create a cross-functional commodity council for that category of goods.
  • As chairman:
    • Ø , assign members to specific roles;
    • Ø define ground rules for council activities;
    • Ø set up council’s communication process;
    • Ø and specify what kinds of results the council can provide to support effective purchasing.
    • Ø Be specific and use examples.

Required Formatting of the Commodity Council:

  • The PowerPoint presentation should consists of 12 slides
  • Use short bullet points on slides and talking points in the Notes area. (Use “Click Here to Add Notes” for talking points)