2024 Business Research Methods, Evaluation of Research Methods, marketing homework help

Business Research Methods, Evaluation of Research Methods, marketing homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

1. Find a current business problem, preferably in your discipline area, that requires research to understand and solve. You may use business articles such as the Financial Times, Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, Harvard Business Review etc. to identify an issue

2. Analyse the problem and develop propositions/hypotheses that need to be examined to address the problem

3. Evaluate a range of research methods and choose the approach that is best suited to the situation and justify why you have chosen this

4. Develop a research action plan that details and explains the steps to be taken at each stage of the research process

5. Your report should examine the importance of rigorous research and its application to industry. Length 1500-2000 words


This is the outline I have done:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Literature Review

3.0 Hypotheses (2 or 3)

4.0 Research Methods (Qualitative/Quantitative)

5.0 Research Action Plan

6.0 Conclusion

The business problem topic I have chosen is: Exploring the Failure of Social Media

I’m trying to write my report on how businesses who use social media as a marketing tool, fail to really keep track of their consumers’ behaviors, which leads to them spending money on these strategies without getting a full ROI as they did not engage their consumers successfully. I roughly know what I want to write about, but I’m having trouble with the research methods and research action plan.

2000 words is easy to hit, but the comments left by my tutor for my previous assignment were:

“It would have been nice if had selected a more more focused/specific topic; this would have allowed to critically discuss the selected topic in more depth. Research methods/approach/philosophy – it would be nice if some of these aspects had been incorporated into your literature review. e.g. Smith (2006) used a deductive approach to investigate the…” or Smith (2006) wrote a literature review in which he compared ….. “

I received a Credit, just 2 marks away from Distinction!! 🙁 So my main issue is definitely selecting the particular research method, though I think that qualitative would be better/preferred for this topic. I need your assistance and guidance on how to write up a good research paper, as I really like this unit and I want to ace it too. Let me know if you think I should revise my topic, as long as it still revolved around Social Media. One hypothesis I’ve come up with is that these businesses lack the necessary skills to analyze the social data and study their consumers’ behavior, which is why they are unable to successfully engage their consumers and influence their purchase decision.