2024 Burton Snowboards-Manufacturing Design, management homework help

Burton Snowboards-Manufacturing Design, management homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Review the video clip called “Burton Snowboards-Manufacturing Design” (click here to view online) and discuss the following:

  • Do you agree with the process of manufacturing that is depicted in the video?
  • In your opinion, does building them by hand make them better?
  • What type of waste did you see in the clip?

Post your initial answer by Wednesday and at least two replies by Sunday.

and two replies:

1: I do agree with the manufacturing process. Each step in the process was well developed so that the materials would not be sitting around for a certain amount of time, so some of the wood wouldn’t get ruined, and each step was strategically placed so that it was not far for the next process to begin. I definitely think that by making them by hand makes them better. I have used several different snowboards and between some of the cheaper boards and snowboards like Burton’s; you can tell a vast difference between the two in almost every aspect. The waste that I think is the materials on the shelf life and utilization.

2:This is the era of perfect competition. Business companies are performing benchmark to see how other are engaged in the processes and how much other companies are efficient in their system of production. When I saw the video of this company, I find that the process of manufacturing is not time and cost effective. Employees are engaged in different operations but these are working by hand. In doing this, different issues can raise, for example, they cannot maintain same quality of their products as these are in the hands of different people having different levels of skills. Second, there is not set quantity of materials like colors, paper, and other materials. Employees use what they need without any calculated quantity. Sometimes, they use more for less while sometime less for more. In the market, competition companies have focus on the quality of products. They are providing high quality products with same standards each time. Thus, it is suggested to this company that performs their tasks with systemized way by the use of computerized machines. This is the most basic way to deal the future competition in the market. Machines can be time and cost effective; can enhance the accuracy and quality of their product.