2024 African American community do not trust the police, law assignment help

African American community do not trust the police, law assignment help

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It is no secret that African American community do not trust the police neither do they respect law enforcement. The incident that occurred in Baltimore and the recent police shootings has validated their fears that polices are crocks. I know there are bad apples in some police departments but it is only a small percent. Unfortunately the public now believes all officers are bad. There is a war between the public (Minority group) and law enforcement. They seem them as us versus them.


Actually, there attitudes have not changed at all they still feel the same way that they have for years; but these events just have put the iceing on the cake( as to say). The public eyes have been open even wider then before. To them this not nothing new that is happening the only thing is that it is still going on when some thought that by history changing it was going to change. No it just got deeper and more justified.


I believe OUR attitude as black Americans has changed drastically. I think that some feel as though the police are against black Americans. I feel that the events that occurred were senseless and unexplainable. I can only speak for myself when I say the trust has been tarnished when it comes to police and the public. I truly hope that things will change because at one point I felt like there would be a war between the police and citizens all over.