2024 4 Business Law question use the IRAC method, writing homework help

4 Business Law question use the IRAC method, writing homework help

Business Finance Assignment Help 2024

Please use the IRAC method when drafting your answers. Read each question carefully and thoughtfully. All the information that you need to draft a quality answer can be found in your textbook.

1. In 2005, Recreation & Relaxation Corporation began making and selling all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) under the mark “R&R.” Ten years later, recoveryandrehabilitation.com, Inc., a differ­ent company selling medical equipment and supplies, begins to use “R&R” as part of its URL and registers it as a domain name. Can Recreation & Relaxation stop recoveryandrehabilitation.com’s use of “R&R”? If so, what must the ATV maker show?

2. For five years, clothing makers and marketers Style-One Corporation and Trend Now, Inc., both use the phrase “Looks Great” on their labels. Style-One files a suit against Trend Now, claiming trademark infringement. Trend Now argues that the phrase generally is not associated with any particu­lar firm and that other companies use the same phrase on their labels and in their ads. In whose favor is the court most likely to rule, and why?

3. Babs sees an e-book reader on the porch of Coco’s house, takes the reader to her home, and tells everyone she owns it. Danno, wielding a knife, forces Easter to give him her smartphone, and runs away with it. Fritz breaks into Ginger’s apartment, takes a laptop, and leaves. Hazel sells Idi an expensive wristwatch for a fraction of its value, admitting that the watch is stolen property but claiming that she is not the thief. Which of these acts are crimes, and what are the differences among them?

4. Cameron is an accountant in the accounting department of Data Analytics Company. Cameron’s son’s college tuition is due within a week, or he cannot continue taking classes. To meet the due date, Cameron transfers funds from Data Analytics to a fictitious bank account, planning to repay the firm within one month. The transfer is discovered before the firm is re­paid, and Cameron is arrested. What crime, or crimes, if any, has Cameron committed?