20-25 Pages


20-25 Pages.

Topic: What is the change in the last 5-years of public IPS’s and current stock price?

Appropriate resources must be cited, and the paper prepared in the Chicago style, Google it if you are not sure, and in word format. The paper must be between 20 and 25 pages and a plagiarism software program is used in evaluating the paper. While a bit

Simply copy verbiage

of plagiarism is permitted, once the software notes that plagiarism is present you lose 10 points. If significant plagiarism is noted, you lose 20 points. The best way to avoid these penalties is to cite your sources and not simply copy verbiage from other sources. Please run your paper through advanced grammar and spelling on word.

Should more than 10 instances be noted you will lose 10 points and 20 points for any instances beyond 20. You must use a preapproved topic. Please do not submit a paper without a preapproved topic. The penalty for doing so is 40 points.


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